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  • Mã sản phẩm: FRA16
  • Giá: Liên hệ với chúng tôi
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    1.6 Ton Electric reach truck zowell is typically designed for stacking of high intensity, and it can be used to transport pallets as well as to stack in various warehouses, manufacturing industries, retail stores, etc.

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Safety and Productivity of 1.6 Ton Electric reach truck zowell:

1. Advanced AC control system eliminating motor brushes and directional contactors, which significantly reduces maintenance requirements. Intelligent regenerative brake system increases overall truck performance by decreasing battery charge intervals.

2. Multi-function display: battery state, hour meter, fault code indicator, etc.

3. Built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overload.

4. Emergency power disconnects.

5. Staples speed control.

6. Side battery roll-out system is very convenient for replacement. The battery front cover makes it easy to fill the battery.

1.6 Ton Electric Reach Truck

1.6 Ton Electric reach truck height of 3 meters



Product model:                   FRA16

Power supply:                 Electric

Operating type:              Standing

Load capacity:         Q Kg   1600

Load center distance:        C mm 500

Load distance:         X mm 439

Wheelbase:  Y mm 1480

Wheel:           Tyres              Polyurethane

Tyre size drive end:           mm     Φ310×140

Type size load end:            mm     Φ250×85

Balancing wheel size:        mm     Φ175×75

Height of overhead guard:          h5 mm           2238

Platform height:     h6 mm           319

Overall length:        L1 mm           2332

Length to face of forks:    L3 mm           1261

Length of chasis:     L2 mm           1845

Overall width:         b1 mm           1099

Fork dimensions (Forging) :        s/e/l mm       100/40/1070

Forks width: b3 mm           200-760

Reach length:          L4 mm           590

Min ground clearance:     m mm            83

Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 lengthways:        Ast mm          2695

Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways            Ast: mm        2725

Lift speed loaded/unloaded:       mm/s 160/300

Lowering speed loaded/unloaded:       mm/s 320/410

Service brake:                     Electromagnetic

Drive motor rating:           kW      AC 6

Lift motor rating:    kW      10

Battery voltage / nominal capacity:      V/Ah  48/280-400



1. Low centre of gravity ensures stable operation. 
2. 45-degree standing and operating position ensures comfortable operation. 
3. The use of articulated drive system renders stable and smooth operation. Vertically mounted drive motor system has a small turning radius and is easy to maintain.
4. The reach forks with hydraulic control make its operation stable. 
5. The stand-on platform is low enough to allow the driver to step on and off without any effort. 



1. CAN-bus technology reduces wiring complexity and increases the reliability.
2. All pivot points have grease fittings and serviceable bushings, thereby reducing component abrasion degree as well as prolonging component life. 
3. The back cover is easy to open for maintenance and adjustment of parts such as multi-valve, accelerator, controllers, etc.


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